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Start getting in shape with our boxing/kickboxing programs!


    There are so many workouts and programs on the market that mimic the real experience of boxing/kickboxing training with sophisticated training devices and so many fads, like the hamster wheel workouts, that give you 30 minutes and then send you on your way. The fitness industry is severly veering away from the real tried and proven ways to improve health and fitness. Hard work and dedication! 

      Set up a free observation and make an educated choice not one on emotion or high pressure sales.


A low cost program with minimal equipment costs and no testing or promotion fees.

Adult and Junior Group sessions available 



Focus mitt training can help you:

  • improve punching skills (technique, power, speed, endurance, accuracy, timing)
  • improve offensive skills (angles, combinations)
  • improve defensive skills (blocking, parrying, slipping, rolling)
  • practice moving against a live person (footwork, strategy, mimicking styles, counter-punching)

Advantages of mittwork training over other boxing drills:

  • drill realistic fighting movements
  • work on offense and defense simultaneously
  • get used to moving around a live person
  • get helpful feedback from your trainer
  • mimic and practice for certain styles
  • great flexibility to practice many different moves
  • fun and challenging

Hitting the mitts can be such a fun and challenging workout, especially when done with an experienced padman (mitt holder). The drills can be changed to develop whatever skill you want, offense, defense, counter-punching. The padholder can mimic styles of different opponents to get you used to different kinds of attacks. The intensity can go up and down. It’s just all around a great and fun workout. And requires lots of energy and coordination. Whereas you can be lazy on the heavy bag, this won’t be the case when you have an active trainer holding the mitts and testing your defense.

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